Your Transparency

Early in my profession, I often applied the literal idea of word transparency when I became involved in plastic product design and material selection. It became clean to understand the distinction among obvious, translucent and opaque. In the arena of leadership, the figurative use of the word transparency is now a topical buzzword. As we can see from its figurative definition, its business utilization commenced to explain higher levels of monetary disclosure.


Transparency: The extent to which traders have geared up get admission to to any required economic information approximately a company consisting of fee levels, marketplace intensity and audited monetary reports. Classically defined as while “a whole lot is thought by using many”, transparency is one of the silent prerequisites of any free and efficient marketplace. – From the Investment illicit flow of money.

Now we’re hearing the phrase transparency as an important attribute of management style. Is it possible that a transparent leaders have grow to be one of the silent prerequisites of efficient corporations? Author and CEO Keith Ferrazzi believes transparency is a prerequisite for building personal strength: “Power today comes from sharing data, not withholding it. – Keith Ferrazzi from Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success. In this Information Age, managers who withhold records will diminish their energy in preference to decorate it. So, how do you price? I task you to visit your friends and subordinates and ask for a transparent answer to this question:


On a scale of 1 to ten, how might you price my ability to percentage facts?


If you may deal with the truth and take the the answers to heart, you can grow to come to be greater correctly…


Transparent: Free from guile; candid or open: obvious sincerity.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. And breakfast is your maximum essential meal of the day!


Tom Lemanski is the President and founding father of Vista Development, a boutique strategic development company serving metro Chicago, IL Tom has served as enterprise catalyst and govt teach in over thirty specific product and carrier industries. Tom may be reached via any of the sites below or with the aid of telephone: 847-726-7707