Massage Therapy – Miraculous Demand & Fantastic Supply

”I do not fear loss of life because I do not fear anything I don’t understand. When I start to consider it, I order a rub down and it is going away.” Hedy Lamarr

Massage has been widely known to remedy the disorder of exhaustion and fatigue. Long appeared a recreational indulgence, the arena is now waking up to the therapeutic potential of massage within the treatment of many an disorder. In wake of this phenomenon, the quantity of hospitals presenting massage therapy in the US multiplied by using 30 percentage in only the 2 years from 2004 to 20061. Blending into mainstream healthcare, this dramatic shift has spurred the enterprise to shape up professionally and call for more from professional rub down therapy. In mild of this trend, massage remedy education and professional certification have end up particularly relevant and that thoroughly can be the purpose why we have seen properly hooked up rub down therapy faculties throughout the USA come into the limelight

Did ! – There are over three hundred accredited rubdown faculties and packages inside the United States!1 Exactly what’s it about rub down therapy that has turn out to be increasingly more attractive in those last few a long time? To answer that question, both sides of the equation; i.E. Supply and call for; need to be explored in evaluation.

Demand Side

”Massage is the best shape of bodily satisfaction to which nature forgot to attach outcomes.” Robert Brault

From the surgical point of view, the use of massage as a remedy is extensively becoming a warm opportunity for medical establishments in mild of its awesome feature of being less invasive than maximum other techniques. Its efficacy of remedy is super for treatment of arthritis, muscle damage, erectile disorder and other organ related maladies. Doctors and sufferers/customers both could prefer the concept of a much less risk-extra end result method.

Interesting Fact: – More than 1/2 of massage therapists (sixty nine percent) acquire referrals from healthcare specialists.1

Furthermore, rubdown has few if any aspect consequences and keeps the harms of pollution at bay (with the aid of discouraging drug/medicinal dependency). Interesting Fact: – Over 1.6 million Americans use opportunity medicine for insomnia or trouble sound asleep according to scientists at NCCAM!1

”The human frame has been designed to withstand an endless quantity of modifications and attacks added approximately by means of its environment. The mystery of true fitness lies in a success adjustment to converting stresses on the frame.” Harry J. Johnson

Social dynamics in the rapid lane require human beings to be constantly prepared and on part; all the greater susceptible to stress! Such is the requirement and the eventual purpose at the back of the downward trend of overall performance. A massage per week does wonders at retaining the body and mind walking smoothly and ever prepared to maintain up with increasing bodily and mental demanding situations.

Interesting Fact: – In July 2008, forty five percent of girls and 21 percent of fellows mentioned having a rubdown inside the past five years!1

The Supply Side

As if the aforementioned call for elements had been now not enough to warrant a healthful increase in the deliver aspect of the equation, there may additionally yet be extra motives behind the flourishing range of budding fitness specialists enrolling themselves in massage remedy colleges.

Interesting Fact: – It is anticipated that there are 265,000 to three hundred,000 rub down therapists and massage faculty students in the United States.

”All we should do is keep our character, to live our very own lifestyles, be captain of our personal deliver, and all will be nicely.” Dr. Edward Bach

The operating dynamics are maximum attractive for rub down therapists in the experience that the timings and surroundings are simply on the behest of their own wishes! Interesting Fact: – More than seventy five percent of massage therapists are self employed; having the capacity to pick out their customers, make their personal agenda and paintings as many or as few hours as they want!1 Working situations are maximum cozy in this enterprise. It offers the massage therapist the luxury of having a secondary line of labor with a much less disturbing timetable!

Interesting Fact: – The average rubdown therapist works no longer greater than 19 hours per week!1 Massage therapists who excel of their field emerge as hot selections for sports clubs and education centers that are constantly looking to offer secure and brief therapeutic remedy to their athletes in education. Consequently, rub down therapists have the possibility to work with a number of the exceptional athletes within the international for the simple cause that those athletes make ordinary use of rub down therapy for guidance and rehabilitation!


In summation, it’s far now quite obvious why those previous few many years have visible a extraordinary growth in call for and a excellent response from the deliver facet within the massage remedy enterprise!