How to protect your kids from cyber bullying?

It is very common for kids to become victims to bullying. In the previous days parents and the school only has to deal with physical bullying but nowadays with the advancement in technology they have to deal with cyber bullying as well which is quite hard to track down.

Whether your kid is in primary school, middle school or in high school, cyber bullying can easily follow him or her around. With kids these day active on social media it is hard to protect them from things that you can’t control and the internet is one of them

Most of the bullying takes place on social media sites or over email. In most cases kid don’t really inform the adults about it so there is only a 10% chance that you will ever find out from your kid that he is being bullied online. So as a parent it is your duty to make sure that you protect your kid from cyber bullying. You can take a few measures such as;

  1. Simply ask your kid
  2. Talk to their friends
  3. A parental control app is a must
  4. Talk to the school

Asking your kid can be hard because well kids these are private and they don’t like to share much with the adults. You can ask the friends but they will only be able to help if they know anything about it or are willing to spill the group secrets, which is something you shouldn’t count on. Well the best solution to your problem is a parental control app and mSpy is one of the best.

You can keep an eye on your kid’s social media activities. It will be like your Facebook, Instagram and even Whatsapp spy which will do the work for you. You can learn more about it here at and give it a try to keep your kid safe.