Clearabee: Contributing To The Beautification Of London


When considering ‘beautification’ projects for a city such as London it is important to look beyond the aesthetics of the concept and consider the wider range of benefits of residing in a clean, smart and healthy environment. Clearly, a city of more than eight million people, such as London, will face an ongoing battle against the tide of rubbish. The residue created by the everyday activities of individuals, private businesses and service providers combine to present a constant challenge to keeping London not only beautiful but also healthy.

Working together for a cleaner city

Communication, Collaboration and Communities are required to provide an efficient and affordable system to clean-up an area and to maintain it as such. Working in tandem, the local authorities, residents and businesses can collaborate in beautifying their area. Another ‘C’, Clearabee, can provide great service in achieving success in these beautification endeavours.

Stay clean, stay safe

As was mentioned earlier, the benefits of beautification of a location go beyond aesthetics by providing a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for its inhabitants. Piles of rubbish by the roadside or on derelict property can prove irresistible to youngsters as a playground but may contain dangerous substances or sharp objects that can cause serious injury. Organic waste can attract vermin, such as rats, which can bring their own hazards for the community. However, money spent on rubbish removal for London may have the added benefit of increasing the property values in the area. This expenditure may be considered as an investment, not as a cost.

Clearabee can help

Local authorities are becoming far more proactive in clamping-down on both household and commercial rubbish being discarded in London. Fines for offenders mean that it makes sense for local communities to collaborate in keeping their environment beautiful. Household rubbish is generated daily with the local authority providing recycling and regular collection of household waste. Unfortunately, the service provided by the authorities is not comprehensive and they are not able to remove large furniture items or building waste. Consequently, requesting the services or a company such as Clearbee for rubbish removal in London is the ideal solution for larger items and waste from home improvements, renovations etc.

London’s livable neighbourhoods

London is considered to be one of the greenest major conurbations in the world. It has around 35,000 acres of public parks, woodland and space for recreation activities. These park areas are maintained by the various authorities. However, at a more local level it has been left to volunteer groups to provide beautification and rubbish removal from London streets in their local area. In 2017, the Mayor of London announced a £114 million “Liveable Neighbourhoods” program to assist local authorities in beautifying the areas they have responsibility for. When the authorities, local businesses and the community work together they are able to achieve their goals with the assistance of companies such as Clearabee. Seven boroughs in London received funding from the Mayor’s scheme.

Comprehensive rubbish removal in London

Clearabee has been providing rubbish removal services since 2012 and currently has around sixty locations throughout the United Kingdom. For its service in providing rubbish removal in London, Clearabee offers a 7 days per week service, in all areas of the city, by means of their ‘man with a van’ clearance system. Clearabee also offer skip hire, skip bags and sofa removal services. Furthermore, more than 90 percent of all rubbish removed by Clearabee DOES NOT end up in landfill.