A New Tropical Getaway – Attractions in Bacalar and Southern Quintana Roo

Forget Cancun and even Cozumel. Head southeast on the Yucatan Peninsula to uncover violet lagoons, the tour’s most intense sinkhole, and this gateway to help Central The us. 

Bacalar Lagoon 

Furthermore identified as the “Lagoon connected with Seven Colors, ” Bacalar Lagoon is 35 miles northwest of Chetumal in addition to stretches along the Chetumal-Cancún interstate, with the community of Bacalar as its midway point. That is 50 kilometers very long and an average of two miles wide. That goes into typically the Hondo Riv from a steady stream identified as the Chac, and into Chetumal Bay via a system of shallow programs. 

Bacalar Lagoon is loaded with great very little sites to spend the morning or even some sort of several days. Eating places are everywhere and the local sea food and regional cuisine are both excellent. Water activities enthusiasts will find this lagoon a good veritable paradise, with waterskiing, windsurfing, tennis, and fishing just a good few steps away. Bacalar also hosts a yearly high-speed boat racing tournament in August. CENOTE AZUL

Various other lagoons well worth visiting in Lower Quintana Roo are Milagros, Xul-Ha, and Guerrero. 

Cenote Garzo 

Just south connected with Bacalar and a stone’s toss from the lagoon is the Cenote Garzo, possibly the biggest sinkhole in the world. Enclosed by dense do, typically the cenote is filled together with frosty, clear water a lot more than ninety days meters strong. Swimming plus diving are usually allowed, nonetheless keep kids away from the water’s edge. 

The site comes with a diner serving territorial cuisine in addition to changing areas and vehicle. Parrots, toucans, agoutis, deer, spider apes, and other native wildlife are kept inside hutches beside the steps top down to the cenote. 

To get to Cenote Azul, get away from Bacalar and head sth a number of kilometers, following often the signs to Chetumal, holding to Highway 307. Typically the cenote’s entrance can be well-marked. 


The capital associated with Quintana Roo, Chetumal, is definitely 45 kilometers south connected with Bacalar. When the Spaniards came, Chetumal was regarded as Chetemal or Chactemal, “the spot where the red cedar will be abundant. ” It was one among numerous principalities into the fact that Yucatán Peninsula was then divided. 

Chetemal ran through Bacalar to southern Brand new River (Belize), a land of repeated natural unfortunate occurances, dense forest, and fiercely independent natives the Spaniards found impossible to subjugate. After several attempts, these people abandoned the area, causing often the Maya to their own own units. 

Chetumal had been founded in 1898 together with called Payo Diócesis by Lt. Othón S. Finalidad, who acquired already been routed to subdue the rebels of the Caste Battle and stop the arms exchange that they had going with Belize. In 1936, the productive bayside area was has been renowned Chetumal, a symbolism to its Mayan roots. 

Chetumal is your basic Mexican Caribbean town: quiet, exotic, and far removed by the tourist places of Jamaica and Cozumel. Clapboard cover, louvered timber microsoft windows, thatched palapas, and concrete blocks create the look so regular of provincial Yucatán. 

Typically the city features hotels together with eating places for you to suit all tastes plus wallets, as well like other vacationer services. The importance has grown over often the last few years. Not necessarily only is it typically the logical base of operations for visits to the numerous reserves, beaches, and archaeological sites of the south, this is this northern portal for you to Belize and Central America.